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http://www.programista.zstrybnik.pl/?special-assignment-sabc-3 special assignment sabc 3 TSU-Helivac has launched a strategy to eliminate the serious elements of corporate specialized crime in South Africa

  • Strategic partnerships have been established
  • Various role players have been consulted in understanding Corporate asset risk
  • Direct and indirect service solution for: 
Medical evacuation
Reducing security Risk
Reducing equipment theft (electrical cables, transformers, vehicles)

Background & http://www.wmbp.edu.pl/?live-homework-help-chat live homework help chat statistics

  • Business robberies have been increasing at an alarming rate since 2004-05, when 3,320 cases were reported to the police, compared with the 15,951 cases reported in 2011-12 — a 342% increase in the past seven years.
  • 2012 to date 157 Cash in transit Robberies
  • 2012 t0 date 202 ATM Bombings
  • The IBR survey- 52% of business executives said the increased cost of security was their biggest bur- den; 21% said crime and security issues resulted in decreased motivation; and 19% indicated that it led to decreased productivity.
  • As many as 72% of the executives said the high crime rate was the biggest factor prompting them to emigrate.

TSU-Helivac french coursework help security service

  • Random security grid flying every day and night of the year – huge deterrent for thieves etc.
  • Transporting of advanced security / qualified paramedic operatives
  • Security operative is trained in and familiar with the area (gps referenced per member) and 
will, in the case of an incident, be in constant communication via radio/other device with: – emergency call Centre – security on the ground
  • Panic button with location based software (free software download)
  • Security operative will react to any life threatening situation
  • Minimum of two armed trained security officers (members will be managed and trained by ex- 
SAPS special task Force members)
  • Immediate dispatch
  • Flying speed of +-200 to 300km/h allows the helicopter to be quicker than any response with 
security/advanced medical treatment/evacuation
  • Evacuation to a safe destination/hospital under medical supervision for medical
  • Emergencies
  • Asset Protection
  • Site and asset inspections
  • VIP escort
  • Asset transport
  • Overhead surveillance
  • Fast and effective Medical and armed Response

Service oxford phd thesis search offering

  • Dedicated 24 hour Helicopter assistance prepared with the necessary security and medical equipment
  • Advanced armed security officer/ managed and trained by ex SAPS task Force members and a Para- medic 
onboard each Helicopter
  • Fixed Wing aircraft
  • 24 Hour medical and security call Centre
  • Nationwide ambulance and Paramedics
  • Trauma counseling
  • 24/7 random pro-active Patrols
  • Advanced armed security officer/ managed and trained by ex-SAPS task Force members and Para-medic on- 
board each Helicopter (task Force members trained and supplied by TSU Africa www.tsuafrica.com )
  • A security, safety and care solution

Indirect http://www.societas.si/?dissertation-enfance-autobiographie dissertation enfance autobiographie benefits

  • Cost of service considered to be tax deductible; Vat can be claimed
  • Credits for buying from a level iii Bee rated company if bought by the institution for their employees
  • Peace of mind
  • Deterrent
  • Cost effective
  • Faster response with specialized trained personnel over a larger area

Emergency http://akada.org/dissertation-health-care-management/ dissertation health care management medical service

  • Nationwide pre-hospital emergency medical care
  • 24hr medical call Centre
  • Transportation by a complete network of ambulance, paramedics as well as medical helicopter service
  • Trauma counseling
  • Panic button with location based software
  • A one-stop emergency medical response solution
  • No medical aid subscription required
  • No Financial authorization required
  • Independent of any hospital or organization
  • 100% prepaid

Crime against Business http://www.slp.com.my/buying-a-dissertation-nursing/ buying a dissertation nursing TSU-Helivac protects.

http://collinedesionvaudemont.fr/doctorat-thesis/ how to format a research proposal IN 2012, 15 591-business robberies affected you and me

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