The following Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) services can be offered as an additional service to Helivac Clients, in order for them to comply with the OHS Act No.85 of 1993 and Regulations

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems:

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Helivac Health and Safety Solutions develops Emergency Evacuation Procedures that comply with the ISO standards in order to evacuate all employees and visitors safely. Helivac Safety Solutions draft Emergency Evacuation Plans (Drawings) site-specific as per the ISO Standards in order for all employees and visitors to orientate themselves in case of any emergency. It is important that emergency evacuation procedures run smoothly and it is a requirement in the OHS Act and a requirement in the Local Authorities bylaws to have a drill at least twice a year. The Employer is obliged to arrange these emergency evacuation drills and also to inform all tenants about the scheduled drill 21 days prior to the drill, all Tenant’s should co-operate when these drills are scheduled to be conducted.

Vetting Contractor Safety Files

Helivac Health and Safety Solutions assist clients to ensure that all Contractors or Service providers appointed by them comply with the minimum requirements to perform any work on-site as per the Construction Regulations.

Construction Safety

Contractor Management

Helivac Health and Safety Solutions also assists clients to manage contractors during any project to ensure safety compliance.

Incident and Accident Investigation

Helivac Health and Safety Solutions have competent Incident and Accident Investigators that investigate any (IOD) Incident or Accident that occurred on-site or during working hours.

Environmental Safety

Contractor Safety File's

Contractors constantly challenge the auditing/vetting processes such as site-specific safety requirements and the requirements and contents of the so-called safety file in which the employer grants his/her authorization to perform work on-site. Inevitably, these challenges should fail to the order of 90%. Meaning that 9 out of 10 challenges should fail, if not, the employer should see it as a warning signal reflecting a poor company vetting or auditing process. Helivac Health and Safety Solutions develops site safety files for contractors or service providers in order to comply with the construction regulation to perform work on-site.

OHS Building Compliance Audits

Structural Inspections are the duty of owners in terms of the Construction Regulation (CR) 11(2), under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
When performing structural inspections, the person doing so must be competent as prescribed in the Construction Regulations
Helivac Health and Safety Solution Conduct annual OHS Building Compliance Audits as per the Construction Regulation 11(2)(a).

Onsite Medical Clinics

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