Helivac Membership

The Complete Helivac Membership costs R109 per month for an Individual Membership or R165 for A Family Membership.

 Included in your membership:

  • Transportation by a complete network of ambulances, paramedics as well as the HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service). These are resources and Service Providers closest to the scene of your emergency.
  • Nationwide Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care
  • 24-hour Medical Call Centre
  • Trauma Counselling
  • A Panic Button (See Helivac Panic below ) with Location Based Software
  • A Mobile App that sends your GPS coordinates through to our Medical Call Centre
  • Includes Roadside Assistance
  • A R30 000 Flight Assistance Relief
  • Helivac Assist ( See Assist below for more information )

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Why you should become a Helivac Member?

  • Nationwide Cover
  • We require no medical aid or authorisation
  • We place your life in the hands of a medical professional (closest to the scene) not a Financial Risk Manager
  • We are PARTNERSHIP focused
  • We are subscriber-driven (a South African first)
  • We are growing the largest fleet network in South Africa through our service providers
  • We have a national footprint
  • We are 100% pre-paid

link Have I registered for Helivac Assist?

Helivac Assist provides paramedics with swift and essential patient information based on any number of personal items belonging to the member- ID book; cell phone number or car registration plate. The software works with the personal information that the member has uploaded online onto our system. This information is then available to the emergency services arriving at the scene either by contacting the call centre or by a link via their Smartphones.

go site “Helivac Assist does not only save vital minutes in attending to the victim, it also provides additional relevant information, which includes photographs for easy identification, medical aid details, allergies and next-of-kin details.” All of this information could be vital in saving time and lives!

Helivac Assist is included all Helivac products however you will need to register for this! If you do not have a username and password on our system, please click here to go to the “Assist Registration” page

http://ubackparadise.com/buying-your-first-car-essay/ buying your first car essay Alternately if your details have changed please make sure that these are up to date so that we can best assist you in an emergency!

buy school papers You can login by clicking here



Helivac Panic connects you directly to our call centre via a panic button on your cellphone/s. At all times, our network of professionals will be able to pinpoint your approximate whereabouts based on the cellphone towers around you and send the necessary services to your location, in the fastest possible time.

go site Each member of the family (up to 5 members) will receive the registration of their cellphone number for a PANIC button. This will enable the call centre to give directions to the response teams thus preventing any delays in finding your location.


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