How to load my Helivac Mobile Panic App

Step 1

On the mail menu click the "App Download" link. On the App download page click either "Android" or "Apple" depending on your mobile device.

Step 2

Click the download button and open once downloaded.

Step 3

Select "Allow While Using App"

Step 4

Click the "Login" button

Step 5

Enter your "membership" number and proceed to click "Check Status"

Step 6

Your Membership number will show. Now proceed to enter your password that you use to access the CRM. If you have forgotten the password please "press forgot your password". A new password will be mailed or sms to you.

Step 6

You will now be logged into the Helivac Mobile Panic App and will be able to use in Case of an Emergency.

Step 7

Please proceed to ensure all your User/Membership and Dependent information is correct.