“Dad, I hit a pavement … I am now stuck. My car won’t start. There is smoke pouring out my bonnet.”

page “It’s 2 o’clock in the morning.”

home page “Dad I know. I am sorry. I don’t know what to do? I am scared.”

“Where are you? I am on my way.”

source “I don’t know, I thought I was taking a short cut and now I am lost, and it is quite dark.”

dissertation higer education This is all too common a worry when thinking of our loved ones. We often find ourselves explaining everything that could go wrong to our children, without the knowledge of where to get real help from when things do.

Helivac Panic turns your cell phone into the ultimate assistance tool in ANY situation. My Homework Buddy No matter what time of day, or where you are,our network of professionals will be able to pinpoint your whereabouts and send the necessary services to your exact location, in the fastest possible time. follow site  

source link Helivac Panic connects you here directly to our call centre via a panic button on your cellphone/s. At the time of receiving an alert in our Emergency Call Centre, all your location details are populated into our case management system, which better assists the Call Centre agents when contacting you back to assess your emergency needs.

uk dissertation writing help you How does it work?

  • page The Helivac client is given a unique USSD code, which is saved as a one-digit number into their cell phones.
  • In case of an emergency, the member pushes the “Helivac Panic Button”.
  • Information is then forwarded via the GSM Network, and a L.B.S (Location based Service) is then retrieved from the members’ phone to get location details. This is then sent to the Helivac Call Centre.
  • An Agent then contacts the member to ascertain what emergency assistance may be required.
  • Once established- the Helivac services are coordinated and case managed.  

Each member of the family (up to 5 members) will receive the software download for their cell phone.


With Panic being included in your Helivac membership, the Helivac Panic product comes at a small price for peace of mind in any Emergency situation.


All 3rd party costs incurred will be for your account upon delivery of the service, at pre-negotiated rates. Location Based Services can only be offered to Vodacom and MTN users. Cell C and other service providers will be able to use the Helivac Panic Button, however their location will not be made available to our case centre. A minimum of 21 cents airtime must be available in your cell phone account in order to make use of the service. A network bearer charge is applicable.


So instead of that, your phone call may sound like this:

“Dad, I have had an accident, but don’t worry. I pushed PANIC, and HELIVAC has already sent someone. They know exactly where I am.”


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