Helivac Premium Assist

Helivac Premium Assist gives each member Complete peace of mind in the event of a medical emergency – Helivac Premium Assist provides you with a Casualty Pre-Payment to assist you with critical medical care when you need it most. Immediate medical evacuation via ambulance or medical helicopter could save your life when you are in a life or death situation.

What's Included in your membership?

Helivac mobile panic app

Telephonic consultations 

24-hour medical call centre

Trauma counselling

Medical advice line

Poison hotline

emergency medical assistance

Nationwide network of ambulance and paramedical teams

Flight assistance relief payment up to R50,000.00 T'c's apply

Casualty cover R20,000.00 casualty cover included. T'c's apply.

Why is emergency medical assistance so important?

Helivac is South Africa’s first advanced medical rescue membership that provides instant EMS, medical attention on-site and safe transport to a suitable medical facility. Their service eliminates the need for medical aid subscription or authorization, allowing for faster and more efficient medical attention without delays caused by risk assessors. 

In emergency situations, Helivac can provide you and your loved ones with the medical attention required to save lives.

Helivac Premium Assist Value-add benefits

Our premium assist package now offers even more comprehensive value added benefits:

over R2 000 per month
in grocery coupons

30 Monthly Clothing

30 monthly
Wellness coupons

10% off on vouchers
at selected retailers

2-for-1 2D Nu metro
movie benefit

2-For-1 Soccer
ticket benefit

Monthly travel

Advanced educational
and learning coupons

monthly retail and
entertainment coupons

15% off Bus tickets
with Eldo coaches

15% off car hire with
woodford car hire

15% off 2 rider per month
with bolt

Getting Value Back is as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

STEP 1: Search

View and search for all available coupons

STEP 2: Click

Select the coupon you want by adding them to your “basket” and then select “checkout”. Claim your wiCode via SMS or email. 

STEP 3: Shop

Take your selected products to the till and enter your wiCode.

Find the perfect plan to suit your budget

Become a Helivac Premium Assist Member, and Take Care of What Matters Most.

In the event of an accident, the difference between life and death can be mere seconds.

You need an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) that can react instantly, provide you with on-site medical attention and transport you safely and quickly to a suitable medical facility.

Helivac provides South Africa’s first subscriber-driven, advanced medical rescue membership that dispenses our Service Providers without the need for medical aid subscription or authorisation.

By eliminating a medical aid risk assessor from the process, Helivac can ensure that there are no delays in getting you or your loved ones the medical attention they require.