The Helivac Employee Benefit covers all types of sectors, including mining and truck drivers

Why Choose Helivac's Corporate and Employee Benefits?

As a savvy business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your organization. The wellbeing of your employees is crucial to your success. With Helivac’s Corporate and Employee Benefits, you gain peace of mind knowing your team and their families have access to top-tier emergency medical services when they need them most

Experience the Difference with Our Corporate and Employee Benefits

Helivac mobile panic app

24-hour medical call centre

Nationwide network of ambulance and paramedical teams Cost of services included

Medical advice line

Poison hotline

Trauma counselling

Telephonic consultations 

Casualty cover R20,000.00 casualty cover included. T'c's apply.

Flight assistance relief payment R50,000.00 flight assistance relief payment included. T'c's apply

Instant Help with Helivac Mobile Panic App

Give your employees the ultimate assistance tool. Our Helivac Mobile Panic App turns smartphones into lifelines, connecting users directly to our 24/7 medical call centre in the event of an emergency.

Round-the-Clock Medical Assistance

Our 24-hour medical call centre uses cutting-edge technology and highly trained medical professionals to efficiently handle all calls, ensuring immediate, informed decisions are made regarding the nature and extent of each emergency.

Emergency Medical Response & Transportation

We are committed to providing timely, potentially life-saving services to injured or ill individuals. Our nationwide network of ambulance and paramedical teams is ready to respond immediately, stabilising the patient before transportation to the closest, most suitable medical facility.

Comprehensive Casualty Cover

Our corporate members are entitled to an initial, pre-authorised casualty fee of up to R20,000.00 per incident, covering hospital, doctor, radiology, and pathology fees.

Telephonic Trauma Counselling, Medical Advice, and Assistance

Provide your employees with access to professional support in challenging times. Our hotline offers trauma counselling and medical advice over the phone, ensuring your team never feels alone in a crisis.

Invest in your business’ most valuable asset—your employees—with Helivac’s Corporate and Employee Benefits. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can support your team