Most frequent questions and answers

A married couple and up to 10 (ten) dependent children living at the same address and under the age of 24-years. 

Debit orders run in advance once your membership has been confirmed and activated.

You will be flown to the nearest appropriate facility for your illness or injuries, depending on your cover as a private or medical aid patient. Keep in mind at all times that the Paramedics that arrive on the scene will ask you whether you have medical aid.

Helivac will arrange for the return of the member to his/her country of residence following the Helivac member’s emergency medical evacuation and subsequent hospitalization outside of South Africa. Helivac will arrange for the provision of appropriate communication and capabilities, mobile medical equipment and medical escort crew.

You have the choice to have dual coverage for peace of mind.

Full details of the medical flight criteria can be found here.

All aircraft will be crewed by a Doctor and Paramedic based trauma team. Specialist Neo-Natal nursing staff will be available on an on-call basis for Neo-Natal transfers.

Helivac will arrange for the provision of air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary services required to move the member to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care is available. Helivac will arrange for the provision of appropriate communication and linguistic capabilities, mobile medical equipment, and medical escort crew.

Helivac will arrange for the transportation of the members mortal remains to his/her country of residence.