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dissertation search strategy sweat-skinSweat itself doesn’t stink? Did you know that? It’s the bacteria on our skin that makes it all funky. Sweat is the body’s way of cooling itself down. However emotions can also affect your sweat glands…. We tend to sweat when we are nervous.

assignment photography Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be a sign of thyroid problems, diabetes or infection. Excessive sweating is also more common in people who are overweight. phd thesis environmental sustainability Did you know you can get blocked sweat glands? custom written thesis Hidradenitis suppurativa is a blockage of the sweat glands usually under the arms. Heat, sweat or incomplete gland development may block sweat glands, forcing sweat and bacteria into the tissue around it, which then becomes infected. writing persuasive essays Usually Hidradenitis will occur as several lumps that are firm, tender and dome shaped; vary in size from 1 cm- 3cm; and may open and drain pus. This is usually treated with medicine to reduce the inflammation and fight the infection.


buy a persuasive paper Saliva

How much spit does your body make every day? Do you know?saliva

It’s an unbelievable amount between 1 and 2 liters.  It’s mostly made up of water. What is its function? To break down food, make it easier to swallow and keep your mouth clean.

Is your mouth dry? Do you have pain or swelling in the neck? Any trouble swallowing food? If you answered “yes” that you might have a “salivary stone”. It’s as disgusting as it sounds. These are basically kidney stones in your mouth. Spit is full of calcium, and occasionally it builds up in our salivary ducts, forming pale, crystallized rocks.

Your saliva also produces one of the most powerful painkillers known to man. It is rich with a substance called opiorphin: a painkiller six times more powerful than morphine.

Opiorphin works by protecting chemicals called enkephalins. These keep pain signals from reaching the brain.

Some interesting facts we found while researching this topic, is that there is actually an illegal trade for saliva. Specifically, saliva from a Tuberculosis patient. This opens the door for unemployed individuals to receive medical grants. please do my assignment Bile


Sounds vile. It’s icky and sticky, thick and yellow or greenish. But it helps you digest food and get rid of waste. Your liver produces bile, however between meals it is stored in the gall bladder.

If your gall bladder is removed, there is effectively no storage house for bile. This is not a problem and most people can effectively manage their lifestyles without a gall bladder. master thesis in canada Semen


Is that all sperm? No. In fact less than 1 % is actually sperm. Not much. That’s why semen looks and feels the same in men who’ve had a vasectomy. So if sperm is only 1 percent, what else makes up semen. Stuff like water, sugar, acids, protein and zinc. video game violence essay Tears


Why do tears often come out of your nose when you cry? Tears come out of glands under the upper eyelids. Some of them drain out through tiny tubes between your eyes and nose. If you’re crying hard, those tubes can’t drain all your tears. Some run down your face, and others come out of your nose.


help writing paper Liquid in your ears


Liquid in your ears helps you balance. There’s a lot going on in your inner ear. For one thing, you’ve got liquid in a little pouch like sac. That liquid has to be just the right amount so you can move and keep your balance. Sometimes that fluid builds up in your ears. When that happens, you could get really dizzy, which is called vertigo.


how to do an essay Vaginal discharge

vaginal discharge

How can we mention semen also mentioning the discharge that a lady observes. Discharge ultimately keeps the vagina clean. It has a lot of other jobs however- it keeps the vagina moist and helps prevent infection. It should be clear, white or off-white. It shouldn’t itch or burn.

Discharge that causes discomfort or is green, yellow or has a strong odor, or looks like cottage cheese or pus can mean an infection. See your doctor.   

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