american literature essay teaching-a-child-to-call-08614354822 dissertation writing service malaysia no plagiarism Suppose your dinner catches fire, your mom falls down the stairs or you see someone breaking into the house of your neighbour. You need to know who to call to get the help you need from the fire department, a medical team or the police. Do you know who to call in an emergency?

dissertation conclusion further research fsu admissions essay help Emergency numbers you should know

dissertation consultation service public For Helivac members the answer is very simple. By contacting the Helivac call centre on 0861 4354 822 the operator will be able to put you through to the emergency services teams that you require. They will be able to dispatch an ambulance to your home if you need medical assistance. Alternatively you need to know the emergency services numbers for your area. research paper help Here are some South African national emergency numbers you may want to keep handy: classroom assignments Flying squad                                                                               10111 master of computer science thesis National ambulance/fire brigade services                         10117

how to write a dissertation oxford Poison Centre                                                                           0800 333 444 doc in oracle professional resume You should also keep the telephone number of your local doctor and police station close by. research papers kate chopin computer assignment What do you say when you call an emergency number? essay on life is a bed of roses When you need to call an emergency number, you often are in a stressful situation. Nevertheless it is important that you can provide the operator with precise and correct information and that you can answer his questions. This is what the operator wants to hear from you:

  • your exact location
  • what has happened
  • whether there are wounded persons
  • who you are

Calmly wait for the answer. Don’t hang up, because then you will find yourself again at the bottom of the waiting list. When you called an emergency number by accident, then don’t hang up, but tell the operator that everything is fine. This way the operator is sure that there is no emergency. corporate social responsibility dissertation report What is the difference between an urgent and a non-urgent call?

Never call an emergency number when you are not in an emergency as you are making use of resources that might be needed for a real emergency. Don’t just call to see if the number works or to make a joke. When you call the emergency services without a valid reason, the operators in the emergency centres can’t take the calls of people who really are in distress. These people therefore need to wait longer for an answer and thus also for the emergency services. Therefore people who call the emergency centres on purpose for fun expose themselves to legal action, which may lead to criminal prosecution.

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