help proofreading your essay As the seasons have changed many people have already fallen prey to cold and flu germs. Waking up with a streaming nose, scratchy throat and body aches is one of the terrible side effects of colds and flu’s that often flair up as the seasons change. Why not be proactive about your health and do what you can to gear up against germs. why does the writer use the allusion in the essay The common cold, as its name suggests, really is a very common illness, and most people suffer from it more than 3 times a year. Cold symptoms include a sore throat, coughing, sneezing, and fatigue and can last for a few days to a few weeks. If cold symptoms are accompanied by a high fever, severe muscle aches, and exhaustion, you may have the flu.

orthodontic phd thesis Cold and flu viruses are spread via droplets in the air when a sick person coughs or sneezes. You can also pick up germs through direct contact with sniffly friends or by touching germy surfaces and then touching your nose, eyes or mouth.

essay writer gumtree research paper on climate change Here are a few tips on how to stay clear of colds and flu’s this autumn and winter.

  • dissertation pilot study Wash your hands after having contact with a sick person and as often as possible. Soap and warm water are good ways to dilute germs and send them down the drain.
  • nursing research papers for sale Try not to touch your nose and mouth. Your nose and mouth are the most common places that germs have access to your body, and your hands have the most contact with germs, so by preventing contact between your hands and your nose and mouth you minimise the chances of germs getting access to your body. This includes biting your nails as many germs get under your nails and biting them is a fast way to ingest them.
  • application essay writing best friend Get enough sleep – your body needs to get a good amount of sleep on a regular basis, but even more so when you are not feeling well. When your body is tired it can’t fight infections so you need to make sure you get enough sleep.
  • dalhousie phd thesis Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables supports your immune system and is much easier than fighting off the flu, so make sure you get in enough fruit and vegetables every day.
  • dissertation for mphil in computer science Regular moderate exercise also enhances immune function, so get your sweats on and exercise – even through the cold of winter.
  • science research paper help Keep your distance from people displaying symptoms like sneezing and coughing. Stay away from sick friends and family when possible so you don’t get their germs.
  • where to order essay Quit smoking, as it increases the risk of infection by making structural changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing your immune response.
  • custom writing paper for essays Try to sneeze into the crook of your elbow, instead of into your hands. This way you prevent hand to mouth contact and spreading germs from your hands to your mouth.
  • academic literature review Regularly use a saline nasal spray to flush out any germs from your nasal passages before they have a chance to make you ill.

Don’t be ambushed by germs this autumn and winter, but concentrate on all the benefits of the cooler seasons. Get excited about what winter has to offer and really enjoy this time of year.

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